Monday, August 29, 2011

An Attempt at a Quiet Ride

Today we were going to have a quiet ride. Steen and Bear are both a little worn out because we've been riding sooo much.

They were down in the bottom of the pasture when we arrived at the barn. Lately we've been making them hop over the drainage ditch when they're down there. It's not much of a physical challenge for them (they could walk through it without difficulty if they wanted), but it is a mental one. Steen hesitated the first time I asked him to do it, but since then he's thrown himself into the challenge with surprising confidence and enthusiasm. Today he jumped the ditch with a lot more energy and alacrity than necessary.

He had astonishingly good form and was quite proud of himself afterward.

Our ride went well for the first 80%. We walked, trotted and loped at intervals around the pasture, and Steen was quite good about everything. Then I let him stand for a few minutes and Steen decided we should be done and when I tried to walk him in a few more circles, he descended into butt-head mode. So what should have been an easy ride devolved into lots of spins. Finally he consented to behave well enough that I could dismount, but then I mounted back up and rode down to close the gate, then up again. He didn't like that, but ending the ride multiple times was probably good for his attitude.

In Bear news, Brian and I put together a pretty fantastic video montage of clips we have of Bear. We've had him for a year now, and we had a fair bit of material. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this might be the first Not-Highly-Exciting-Video ever that's actually worth watching:

Ride Time: 0:35
Horseback hours YTD: 62:00

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