Monday, August 22, 2011

Three Bays on the Trail

Although last summer I rode Steen out around the acres of farmland around our barn all the time, this year between my extended period of not having a saddle and Brian still getting used to Bear, we've stuck closer to home. But finally I realized enough is enough, and it was time to get start broadening our horizons. We set up a ride with Gay and on Sunday we tacked up, mounted and left the barn behind.

The ride wasn't super exciting. Mostly we just walked around the fields. For the most part the horses were well behaved. Steen is always a happy camper when he's with two other horses and we chose Doc to have along because he is particularly quiet and unflappable. Steen behaved about as I expected. He had a few jumps when he froze in place and a few moments wanting to pick up the trot on the way home, but all in all he was quite well behaved.

The real surprise was the second strip. This grassy area between corn fields has come a long way since last year, with Cathi's husband clearly putting some time and effort into cleaning it up and maintaining it to use as a hay field. Right now it is perfectly wide, nicely mowed and over a quarter mile long. We're definitely going to make an effort to ride out there a lot this fall. Brian snapped this shot of the area from aboard Bear:

Ride Time: 01:10
Horseback hours YTD: 56:05

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