Tuesday, November 08, 2011


We've got a storm system rolling in that is supposed to drop a lot of freezing rain and snow over the next couple of days. The wet psuedo-freezing temps have historically been harder on Steen than any other kind of weather, so yesterday I spent the morning repairing a hole in the lining of his blanket and another on the butt, and then I drove out to get him dressed up for winter.

Unlike last year, the return of the blanket didn't give rise to a single shy or snort. Steen didn't seem in the least worried about having it on again, although a couple of the other pasture horses got overly curious and were following him around staring when I turned him back out.

Steen even told Hook to mind his own business. It's funny, I've actually seen an increase in Steen moving other horses in the last six months or so. From what I can tell he's about third from the top of our pasture totem pole (beneath Star and Bear), which makes me feel better about him getting enough to eat in the cold as well.

And of course I hung out with Bear for a bit. He was happy to get his vitamins and some face pets.

No riding for me though. I think I overdid it a bit this weekend and am feeling sick again. *sigh

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