Thursday, May 03, 2012

The New Guy

It's been a busy week. Between catching up with my sister, riding, and horse-shopping, the time has been flying.

On May 1st we drove south of town to check out a breeder with several young Quarter Horses for sale. We walked out into the pasture and soon we had seven or eight friendly horses a standing in a row trying to say hi.

It was an interesting experience, getting to spend time with a herd and watch them all interact with the intention of picking one. It felt more like choosing a puppy than a horse. All the horses were extremely well put together and very friendly, but after hanging out with them for a long time, one started to seem the most like what we are looking for. Conveniently, it was also one of the two that is already started under saddle.

We even got some Not-Highly-Exciting-Video while we were out there:

We took him inside and got to know him a little better. He seems both lively and laid  back, and very interested in people and able to focus. He's three, and has a very nice pedigree.

We came home and talked it over. After much discussion we feel like he's everything we want in a youngster. So we made an offer and closed the deal today. Hopefully we'll have him at our own barn by the end of the day Monday!

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  1. WHOA I somehow missed this one and was wondering where the other handsome fella came from! CONGRATS!


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