Saturday, May 12, 2012

Trims and Vaccinations

We got the barn early today because both the farrier and the vet were scheduled to come out. We wanted to ride before the chaos started.

Catching Laredo took four minutes today, so we are definitely on the right track with that. We groomed and tacked and he seemed a bit less touchy about his ears/head as well. We went to the indoor arena. Brian hopped on and had a good first ride in spite of the escalating commotion.

I rode Steen in the hackamore, and he was quite good. After riding Laredo yesterday, Steen felt so soft and familiar and educated. He was great with everything. There were a bunch of barrels and the big soccer ball and several cones scattered around the arena, so I had fun loping him between various obstacles. He was great with this, and never missed.

After the ride Steen got his trim, then I held onto both him and Laredo while Brian brought Bear in so he could get his feet done. We put Steen back outside and Brian rode Bear out on the strip while Laredo and I waited for his turn with the vet. Laredo was so patient. We had him indoors for over three hours and a lot of that time he was just standing around waiting. He never got fidgety or pushy. There were boarders, kids and horses everywhere and he was just friendly and quiet the whole time. He was ok for the vet, though not super excited about getting the up-the-nose vaccinations.

Meanwhile, Steen was NOT HAPPY about being left out in the pasture. He was pacing the fence and calling and overall behaving a lot more like a three-year-old than our actual three-year-old.

Ride Time: 0:45
Horseback hours YTD: 52:20

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