Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More Rides with Mom

Monday and Tuesday we had two more rides in the tree lot. On Monday Mom, Brian and I all rode together again and managed to get this shot via the tried and true fencepost method. The light's not great but it's fun to see all our three horses with riders.

During the ride Steen was ok. I was paying more attention to Mom on Bear than my own riding, and after a while this was having a dulling effect on Steen. When I got around to some more focused work with him later in the ride, he was distracted and inclined to be sloppy. So when Mom and I went out again on Tuesday, I was careful to ride a little better, asking for the soft feel and intermittent collection even as we mostly meandered around and chatted. Steen ended up behaving really well that day, and our few minutes of more focused work at the end of the ride were great. I got some of the best leg yields we've ever had in the hackamore.

I think my mom had a great time with Bear. She was doing a good job picking up on our style of riding, even though this was her first time putting much of it to practical use. Bear was solid and quiet. On our final day he came to her in the pasture from a good ways off. It was fun to see them getting along so well. If only Arizona and Iowa were closer together and we could manage these kinds of rides more often.

Monday Ride Time: 1:10
Tuesday Ride Time: 0:40
Horseback hours YTD: 79:05

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