Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hanging In There

Today Steen's new fly sheet arrived just before Brian got home from work at 2:00. So we pretty much headed straight out to the barn. We found Steen more mobile than I expected, and kinda nervous and restless. He nickered when he saw us. We hosed his burns off, put more thuja-zinc on, and brought him inside to put the fly sheet on. (It was super windy.)

He took the new fly sheet without comment. It's much, much nicer than the other one was. The fabric is nice and stretchy, it's easier to get on and off and it claims to block 60% of UV rays, and it has a neck cover. Hopefully between the new sheet and the zinc, his side can start healing. It's still in very bad shape.

We then put Steen back out in his side pen with the baby. I had planned to ride one of our other horses, but after I took his halter off Steen just stood with his head up against my arm, seeming sad and uncomfortable -- not at all his usual relaxed, goofy self. We stood with him for a while, and Brian worked on getting some bots off the baby.

I took a step off and Steen followed me, and I decided I would not be able to enjoy a ride with him all miserable in his pen. So I put his halter back on and took him to the strip, where he grazed for quite a while and then dozed in the sun while Brian rode Bear. He was definitely more relaxed when I put him back in the pen later on, so that is something.

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  1. Ahhh ... "Steen just stood with his head up against my arm". That is so sweet in such a sad way. So glad about the new sheet working out.


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