Sunday, September 23, 2012

So Much Pink

It's been a busy week. Lots of barn time, no riding.

On Thursday I basically only went out long enough to bring Steen in and apply more Thuja-Zinc to his burns. I felt bad doing so little as he was clearly very bummed out and not at all happy to be put back into his pen.

On Friday, Brian's parents were in town. We'd been planning on saddling up all three guys and taking a turn through the trees, but obviously that wasn't going to happen.

It was a cool, cloudy day. I pulled Steen's fly sheet and we cleaned up his oozing side as best we could. Then we brought Bear and Laredo up from the pasture. Brian and his mom had a pretty good ride in the tree lot.

I took Steen out there as well, just to get him out of his little prison-pen. I think it was nice for him. By the end of the day he seemed he was in a little better spirits. He got to hang out with his grandpa Dutch a lot, so that was nice.

On Saturday we took the wrap off, and the leg wounds look almost as good as one could hope. We decided not to wrap it again. We went through the same process of cleaning his side up while Cathy had another little ride on Bear in the indoor arena.

Today was Steen's last day on the meds. His leg had not swollen much in spite of being unwrapped. The swelling in his hock does appear to have drained down into his ankle, but it's not bad at all.

We gave the leg a thorough cleaning and ran cold water on it for 15 minutes to further reduce the swelling. Then Steen and I hung out in the indoor arena while Brian rode Laredo. The worst part about all this is the burns are very, very sensitive, and cleaning and applying the Thuja-Zinc causes Steen a lot of discomfort. He's not quite as happy to hang out with me as usual lately. But it has to be done, as much as he hates it.

The photos don't really do the burns justice. His entire shoulder is inflamed and oozing puss.

Towards the end of Brian's ride, Cathi came in. She gave me a slinky another boarder whose horse has had sun sensitivity issues brought out for me to borrow. It has the head cut out, so it covers the shoulders only. Under the fly sheet, this should keep 100% of the sun off Steen. So that is excellent. Cathi also looked at the leg and we all agreed the best thing for Steen at this point will be to get him back out with his herd.

So happy Steen got to leave prison and return to the good life. Of course he's dressed in ridiculous clothing, his tail is tied up to keep it from wiping all the ointment off his leg, and he's totally covered in pink goop. But I'm hopeful the increased mobility and decreased stress will help him heal faster.


  1. Robin - I've been traveling and far behind on reading the blogs. Just caught up this afternoon and feel just terrible for you and Steen. His sunburn is just incredible! I had an appy that did that once & it was in Sept. I remember because I always take my Cowgirl Weekend in Sept and he was so bad that I had to take my husband's horse. Wonder if the UV rays are different this time of year.

    The wire wound & leading up to it had to be so scary for you. Its a good reminder as I will put on blankets without halters, too, because I don't think my horses will do anything. But you proved it may not be them to start the chaos. So glad he is recovering.

    He looks so pitiful in the picture!

  2. Oh no! I haven't checked in for a while. Poor Steen. That sunburn looks painful. And the leg — OW.

    I hope he's on his way to healing. And I hope you're not too traumatized from the incident either — how scary.

  3. Thank you all! Steen is definitely on the mend now. I do sometimes think the event with the fence might have been as traumatic for me as it was for him, but we're both getting over it. Tammy, it's good to know I was doing something knowledgeable horse people with brains have also done. :)

    Our vet said almost every horse he knows with white skin has had burns this year. In four years having Steen, this has never happened, so I'm hoping it was a combination of unusual factors and it won't be the norm from here on out.


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