Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Still Not Better

I wish I could say I haven't been blogging because I've been riding. Such is not the case. I haven't been blogging because Steen's injury just isn't making progress and it seems depressing to post negative updates all the time. The antibiotics and bute seemed to help a lot for a few days, and I thought we were almost out of the woods. Then we had a big storm roll through. The side pen was not sheltered enough, so we had to decide to either put Steen back in the herd or put him a stall. Steen HATES stalls. He doesn't kick or call or do anything bad, he just stresses and drops weight on a daily basis. We opted to put him back with the herd, which was a mistake. The next day he'd torn the wound that looked almost healed into something larger than it was when it was brand new, and it was back to being hot to the touch and gaping open and closed with each step.

So at that point we had no choice. Steen spent 24 hours in a stall with a leg wrap. He took it even worse than usual, apparently starting to pace every time a person came into the barn. Usually he's not quite that bad, but I think the stress of this saga is getting to him too.

Finally by Monday night the outdoor arena was at least mostly dried out. We turned a visibly thinner Steen out with Lightfoot and Bella. We're calling the arena the Broken Paint Pen, since the other two horses in there are both dealing with long, persistent injuries as well, and are both Paints too (though they're both solid). Lightfoot and Bella went straight for the hay, but Steen kept walking around, not settling. So finally we brought Bear up from the pasture to keep him company, and Steen finally stopped walking around and started eating.

Today we went out to treat the wound. Being in the outdoor arena didn't make it any worse, so that is something. But it still looks absolutely awful. We're probably weeks away from full recovery. We're supposed to get more rain in the next few days. Seriously, we go all summer desperately needing moisture and just when it would make my life a whole lot easier if it would just stay dry, we get nothing but storms.

Laredo's shoulder continues to be sore too, though he does seem to be healing. So he's passing his time putting on weight for winter and hanging out with friends.

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