Monday, November 19, 2012

Little Ones

It's apparently been our week to do new things with the horses. Today our friend Adele brought her two sons out to meet Steen and Bear. Ben had been out before, several years ago, back when he was tiny and Steen was rather a less steady creature. Now he's quite a big bigger and more capable of doing a bit more. (Note: All photos and videos in this post are courtesy of Adele.)

We brought all three horses in initially just so the boys could see the full array, but put Laredo back out in the pasture before we got them on the same side of a fence with anyone. We took Bear and Steen outside.

Noah was quite focused on what he wanted. He kept pointing at Bear and saying, "Horse. Ride." We distracted him by letting him help with the grooming...

Back in the indoor arena, Noah was ready to go but Ben was hesitant. He said he didn't want to ride, but after watching Noah aboard the placid Bear for a few minutes, he changed his mind. I put him up on Steen.

Both the horses behaved beautifully, and the boys were utterly tickled.

We went through a number of different configurations. When they'd had enough of riding their own horses and wanted to switch, we did that. Then they dismounted again and spent a few minutes looking at the tractor and watching Brian lope Bear around a little. After that Ben expressed an interest in going faster. We weren't sure how well he'd be able to hold on at the trot, so decided I'd get on Steen and he could sit in front of me. Steen has an uber smooth jog, so I figured it would work out. At this Noah wanted to climb on with Brian too.

I've never ridden with a kid in front of me in the saddle. I wasn't worried about Steen. He was remarkable about all of this. He is so funny about kids. He's great with them: slow and gentle and trusting in a way he isn't with adults. Still, once we got going I wasn't sure about the trotting. Steen was steering nicely off my legs and one hand, but Ben didn't have what seemed to me a very comfortable position.

Luckily after walking around for a few minutes Ben decided he didn't want to go any faster anyway. So I handed him down to his mom.

They had another look at the tractor, came back for one more short, solo ride each, and then they'd had enough. We said good-bye and they headed home.

Brian and I lingered for a short ride in the indoor. Steen's leg is making visible daily progress now, so I wanted to give him another light workout today. We milled around for a few minutes then played a slow game of cow. It's hard to win if you are the cow in such a small place unless one of us utterly blows a turn, but it was fun anyway. I kept Steen at the trot and he gave me some very nice stops and turns.

Ride Time: 0:30
Horseback hours YTD: 141:55


  1. I just clicked through the link in your email and saw your blog post - so fun to read! Thanks so much again for having us out. I think you've made lifelong horse lovers out of Ben and Noah! - Adele

  2. Thanks Adele! It was a blast having you guys out. :)


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