Saturday, April 06, 2013

Windy and Dry

It was not the most enticing weather today: bright but hazy, with crazy winds. But it was at least warm, and when we got to the barn we got to meet the new baby that arrived during the night. The mare, Jackie, has been unbelievably big for weeks. She seems a lot happier with her little girl on the outside.

The vet was also there, doing dental work on a bunch of horses. So the barn was crowded and noisy and the wind was just screaming in the roof. It was the kind of day that makes me glad our horses are quiet. There was nowhere to tie, but even Laredo has standing figured out now, so it was no problem. We just parked them near our locker and got ready to go.

The split on Steen's heel looks like its healing fine, but I don't want him to re-injure himself. So I rode him today with one bell boot to help protect that foot, which earned me a perplexed comment from our barn owner.

Steen was in a funny mood today. He was quiet when standing but a little amped when I asked him for things. Not in a skittish way. It was more like he was putting a little too much effort and energy into everything. We worked on various things out on the strip. When I first asked for a lope, he seemed to keep getting the wrong lead behind. After a few false starts though we evened out and he starting giving me these beautiful, relaxed circles. He's carrying himself so much better than he used to. He's soft to my hands at the lope, and I feel like I can make minute adjustments to his trajectory with my seat and legs. We loped quite a few circles and it felt awesome.

Overall, it was a pretty low energy ride. Brian was riding Laredo and we played cow a little. Steen was giving me great canter departures, nice stops, and a number of really fluid changes of direction. Laredo did well too, and even legitimately won once when he and Brian outfoxed and outmaneuvered me and Steen.

After riding on the strip for a while we went out through the bean field and back along the second strip. Steen was quiet and relaxed in spite of the wind. It is just amazing to me how different he feels riding out lately. He's so quiet and confident all of a sudden.

We put them back in the dusty, wind-tossed pasture. Both Steen and Laredo immediately availed themselves of the dry ground to replace all the dirt we brushed out of their coats while Bear got his old man vitamins.

Ride Time: 1:15
Horseback Hours YTD: 33:50

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