Friday, May 31, 2013

A Quiet End to a Busy Month

It was quite the May. Between getting Zoey and a lot of pretty sub-par weather, the last few weeks have had their ups and downs. Today we arrived at the barn thinking we'd have a nice ride on Steen and Bear. The ground was still soggy and a lot of the places we usually ride were overgrown, but we didn't want to ride inside. Also, the bales were low and you can tell all the extreme weather is having an impact on the horses. The herd is just a bit more stressed and worried than usual.

So we tacked up and just poked around the fields for a while. Steen was quiet. Bear was a little distracted. We only ended up doing one loop around the near field. Then we got off and let them graze for a while.

Steen was really a big fan of this plan. He collected this huge grass wad. I was half afraid he was going to choke himself.

We hung out and let them eat for quite a few minutes. Unfortunately I have been hanging Steen's hackamore a big higher lately, and it was too tight for grazing purposes. I didn't notice this until he'd worn a raw place on his nose with his enthusiasm.

We sauntered home on happier horses. My ride time for the month came to just over 28 hours. That's a new personal record since I've been keeping track.

Ride Time: 0:40
Horseback Hours YTD: 73:50


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