Sunday, May 05, 2013

New Territory

We got a bunch of rain in the night, so today the ground was pretty soggy everywhere we ride, but the sun was up and shining and we didn't want to stay inside. We decided to hit the trails. I rode Steen and Brian rode Bear.

We headed South and East after leaving the barn. Everything was wetter out and about than we were expecting, so we were confined to the gravel roads, which meant walking only. We finally made it to a b-road, and that was ultra wet, so while we usually trot along there, we walked there as well.

We looped back to the grassy, tree-lined lane, which was also wet, and decided to do some loops around the fields. I haven't ridden out in this area with the crops down before, and it makes for a pleasant jaunt. We did some trotting but Bear seemed a little uncomfortable so we didn't keep it up long.

After we did a loop around the fields, we went off the other side of the grassy lane. I'd never poked around over there before. We went past a pond and up along the edge of some timber, and finally came to a dead end.

We turned around. We'd hoped an easy walk would be good for Bear's back, but he was starting to seem uncomfortable. So we headed home.

In the end it wasn't quite the ride we planned, but it was good to get out. Both the horses were well behaved the entire time. Steen really seems to enjoy exploring lately.

Ride Time: 1:35
Horseback Hours YTD: 50:45

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  1. Well behaved ponies make for a good ride, that's for sure!


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