Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Steen Does Double Duty

I took the good camera to the barn today. The phones are great and all, but sometimes it's good to get some nicer shots. (see more photos on Brian's post about today)

Upon arrival we first checked Bear's temp. He was 99.6°, which made us happy. Our plan for the day was for Brian to do a light ride on Zoey, followed by a ride on Laredo, and for me to ride Steen that whole time. Of course that meant we had to catch Zoey first. This was the first time Brian set out to catch her. We started the clock. Just like last time, she wanted nothing to do with us at first.

But just like last time, she gave up after nine minutes, and was happy enough to hang out with us once we Brian got her haltered.

She was a bit extra tense with Brian at first. We'd been warned she's not a huge fan of men, but Brian just moved around her in a smooth, relaxed fashion, and soon she came down a notch or two.

He took her to the indoor arena for putting the pad and saddle on. He did groundwork first, though, and it seemed like overall she took the saddling a bit better than she did with me. He did a bit more groundwork and got on. I mostly sat on Steen and took pictures, though I'd put the camera down from time to time and dink around a bit. Brian and Zoey seemed to get along pretty well.

Brian didn't ride for long. Zoey's butt is looking good, but we don't want to push our luck. He took her back out to the herd while Steen got some time with a salt lick and waited patiently.

Brian brought Laredo in and we groomed and tacked him together. Then we headed for the strip. Steen was in a super relaxed mood. I took some more photos, and also worked on waking him up and moving him out some. I continued also to focus on holding collection more at various gaits, and experimented with holding the reins like I would in the two-rein, which I'm pretty awkward at, but Steen seemed fine with it....

We also worked on loping more circles, and attempting to collect at the lope. We were intermittently successful with the collection part. At any rate he was moving off my leg nicely and at times we felt very harmonious.

After one of our loping sessions, I asked Steen for a stop. As I have mentioned repeatedly in this blog, stopping is not Steen's strong point. When I got him, stopping was a 5-7 step process of gradual slowing and bracing. Now he does stop within two strides of me asking, but he doesn't just slam the stops like Laredo was apparently born to do.

Today, however, he did slam one. And I was totally not ready or expecting it, and he popped me forward in the saddle. I was so proud of him.

Ride Time: 00:35
Ride Time: 00:50
Horseback Hours YTD: 58:50


  1. Nice, I can't get used to sliding stops at all. Great pictures.

  2. Thanks! When we first got our youngster, Laredo, he'd pop me all the time. He's just a naturally hard stopper and I wasn't used to it at all. It's been good practice but obviously I can still get caught off guard...

  3. Ok this isn't directly related to this post, but for some reason I feel a deep need to know how tall Zoey is.

    Also, I'm glad to hear Bear is doing better. My vet has got me trained to take temperatures any time I think something might be wrong (since that's usually the first thing they ask when I call for advice).

  4. Haha. We haven't sticked her yet so we're not 100% sure. She was sold to us as 14.2, but I'm guessing she's just a tad over 14.1. She's also a very slight horse, so that makes her seem even smaller.

    Yeah, I will definitely be taking temps a lot more regularly after this little experience. I just got off the phone with our vet and he said when he saw Bear's blood-work he couldn't believe he was on his feet. But the good news is everything important came back normal, but he's pretty anemic. So that is probably what's been causing the energy problems and offness we've been noticing the last few weeks.

  5. I'm happy if my horse stops in 10 steps - that's something we need to work on for sure. As always, love all your pictures :)


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