Saturday, May 11, 2013

Windy Arrival

We had crazy winds today. Usually we are pretty resilient when it comes to wind, so we didn't think a whole lot of it, heading out. Our new girl was slated to arrive at 3:00, so we got to the barn early to ride a couple of our guys beforehand. I rode Steen, Brian rode Laredo.

We started out on the strip, but the wind was just insane. Not only was it hitting us in these crazy gusts, it was cold. Steen was handling it fine, other than being slightly more inclined to look around than usual, but I was not enjoying myself. It was also clearly a little bit of a challenge for Laredo. He kept trying to angle himself to get out of the wind.

Finally we gave up and went inside. Brian got a text saying the new horse would be about 20 minutes late, so we just prolonged our ride. Steen was pretty on it. We worked on departures into different gaits from standing. We are working on getting the right gait on the first stride. He loves these kinds of challenges. I would collect him, and hold him in a collected frame for a moment, preparing the energy in my body for either a trot or a lope. Then I'd ask him for forward movement. 90% of the time he went into the gait I was wanting. Pretty neat stuff.

We worked on all the basic stuff as well. We managed some nice simple lead changes, and made some progress with getting our sidepass straighter and more energetic. The one thing he wasn't doing great was stopping. We were back to stopping fine, but putting no effort into it. So I worked on that a bit too. I think I just need to remember to work on this every ride for several months before I can expect it to stick and become habitual with him.

At 3:20, the new girl arrived. We had our three guys in the airlock. She got a bit stuck backing off the trailer. I guess she'd never backed out of one before, and this one has a ramp with about a 2" lip on the top, so she had to step up a tad before she could step down. She bumped into the lip and got very stuck. It was good to see how she responded, though. She didn't get bargy or try to push back through the person trying to back her out of the trailer, she just didn't move. For several minutes the person in the trailer tried to encourage her to go back, and she started shaking a little because clearly she didn't think she could comply with what was being asked of her.

We gave her a little break and she calmed down quickly. Then I looped a rope around her ankle and was able to lift the foot up and back to get it over the lip. We had to work a little on getting a step with the other back foot too, but after that she stepped down like a lady, and led nicely over to meet her new family.

There is some fresh grass in the airlock that hasn't had any horses on it yet, so everyone was kind of more interested in snarfing that down than getting to know one another. After our guys had all sniffed noses with her and they'd had a few minutes to graze near each other, we let the rest of the herd in. There was a little bit of trotting around, but no fireworks. One nice thing about a herd of well-socialized, well-fed horses who have plenty of room to move is a newcomer just isn't any big deal.

By the time we'd left she'd found her way into the second pasture. Hopefully she'll have a relaxing afternoon and evening getting settled in the new place. We're excited to do some work with her tomorrow. Here are her papers:

We were hoping she might have a good name we could use back somewhere in her family history, but so far nothing in her lineage seems particularly appropriate. We certainly aren't going to call her Boogered. (!?)

Ride Time: 1:35
Horseback Hours YTD: 53:40


  1. Wow! Congrats on your new girl! She's definitely a good looking horse (my first horse was a roan, so I have a bit of a soft spot for them).

    And yeah registered names? It's like they just grab two random words from the parents and stick them together. So many wonderful horses have terrible registered names.

  2. What a terrible name - they could have come up with a lot better than "Sliders Boogered", my gosh. You should call her kleenex... haha.. I am being totally serious, by the way. Kleenex the little roan mare!

    Jingle's registered name is Bar J Jingos Doc, and his old home called him "Jingo" when he was a baby, his dad's name was Gringo's Dark Jingo, both names always reminded me of creepy mexican gigalo's or something. not nice.

  3. Thanks Erica! We're pretty excited.

    Louisa: Hahaha. Kleenex is awesome. Or maybe Hanky.

    Yeah, I thought Steen's named was bad. (JR Steen Candy TNK.) But Sliders Boogered takes it to a whole new level. But I agree Gringo's Dark Jingo sounds like it has a dark side...

  4. Boogered? AQHA names are so weird sometimes! Welcome home to her :)


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