Thursday, May 23, 2013

Zoey Gets a Trim

Zoey has been in need of a trim since we got her, but it took us until today to coordinate with the farrier. I had a meeting in Cedar Rapids in the afternoon, but my morning was quiet so I went out early to sneak in a ride before he arrived at 11:00.

I rode Steen. It was a chilly morning, and I wanted to be able to be fast when the farrier came, so I put Zoey and Bear (we thought he might need a trim too) in the side pen and rode in the indoor arena. Steen was great. We rattled through all sorts of things, including lots of work in a circle, and some simple lead changes. Those were good. I feel like we had more control returning to the trot and going back out of it in a deliberate way, rather than just rushing through the transition.

I stayed focused on being precise with the hackamore, and we got some nice circles moving into and out of collection. I also worked on varying speed at the trot. Steen has gotten pretty complacent and happy to just jog around, so I worked on more extension and also collection and extension simultaneously. We had some nice moments.

Duke arrived. Bear didn't need a trim, but Zoey certainly did. He watched her walk before trimming, and pointed out her crooked left front foot, which of course I have been aware of. He says she strikes that foot on the outside. Duke is a pretty awesome farrier, and I have known that, but none of our geldings have "flaws" that interfere with their movement, so it was interesting to talk with him about this trait of Zoey's and how it affects her locomotion. He trimmed it and left a bit more toe on the outside, to help her learn to bear weight on the inside. He watched her walk again after the trim, and said the other three feet are great, but with that one it's going to take some work. He said with more regular foot care she will probably learn to use it better over time, but in the meantime to be a little careful we don't demand too much of her in terms of bearing weight on that leg. So that was interesting, and it will be interesting to see how this pans out in the coming months.

She was pretty good for him. She was nervous at first, but one of the things I love about Duke is he takes the time to reassure a horse. She tried to pull away once with the first foot, but after each foot he came up to her head to love on her and hang out with her for a minute, and after other than that one pull, she was quiet.

Ride Time: 0:45
Horseback Hours YTD: 67:10

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