Sunday, September 22, 2013

Laredo Weekend

With Zoey out of commission, we were down to three horses for the weekend. We decided to focus on getting Laredo out and covering some ground. His tight hocks seem better, and he's actually getting a tad chunky.

Yesterday Brian rode Laredo and I rode Steen and we were out for over two hours. It was a gorgeous day, sunny, in the 70s, and the grass has rebounded thanks to a few good rains. The crops are coming down but the landscape is otherwise green. We rode out as far as we could in one direction, turned around, did the same thing going another way, and finally headed home.

Steen was actually a tad keyed up on the trail, and every time we reached a spot where he knew which way led to home, he had a bit more of an opinion on which way we should go than I would have liked. I was able to work him through these moments and get him back into a good mindset every time, and he never spooked or acted out in any other way, so it wasn't a huge deal. Just not quite normal for him.

Today it was my turn to ride Laredo, but first I had a quick little ride on a new horse that just arrived at the barn. His name is Danny, and he will belong to the barn owner's 10 year old daughter. He's half arab, half quarter horse, and he's huge.

He's five years old, and doesn't have a ton of saddle hours under his cinch. I just walked and trotted him around for a few minutes, but I always enjoy the chance to feel another horse.

Then Brian and I hit the trail. And while yesterday Laredo had some spunk, today he was tired. And that made him a joy to ride. We did a lot of trotting and loping, and he moved really nicely the whole day.

The only part of the ride he had a bit of trouble with was crossing the short stretch of gravel that connects two of our grassy footpaths. He was a bit unhappy about going over this yesterday, but today his feet were clearly a bit tender on the rocks (he was fine on grass). On the way back I took pity on him, got off, and walked.

Our ride today was shorter, only an hour and a half, but it was great fun.

When we got back we brought Zoey in to clean her shoulder up. It's looking a lot better - is draining less and finally has a scab formed over most of it. So hopefully it won't be a whole lot longer before we can get on her back again.

In other news, Steen's right shoulder has suddenly gone all red and sunburned, so he's wearing his fly sheet again. I was kind of hoping he wouldn't need it this year. Hopefully it's just for a few days.

Ride Time: 2:00
Ride Time: 1:30
Horseback Hours YTD: 144:25


  1. Laredo looks good in the hackamore. When did you switch him over or is it a work in progress. Danny is cute. Are those draw reins?

  2. Thanks Suzanne! We moved Laredo to the hackamore a couple of weeks ago. He's been showing some signs of his teeth bothering him with the bit. It might not be permanent, but so far he's a lot more relaxed and very soft and responsive. So maybe this will be it. :)

    Yeah, those are draw reins on Danny. (That was my first time using them.) His owner was riding him and hopped off and asked if I wanted to climb on, so I said yes. Because how could I say no?

  3. Awesome! He looks great :) I haven't transitioned Drifter yet. Probably this winter... Keep up the great work!


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