Sunday, December 29, 2013

Finally, 200

[Herd update: Things appear to have equalized. I'm not 100% confident this whole thing is behind us. But I'm like 80% confident. So that is something.]

In some ways, this year has had some setbacks. Nothing major, but a glance back over 2013 seems to reveal a number of things that didn't go quite the way I hoped or planned. I suppose every year can't be the best year of my life, and certainly a whole lot of things could have gone a lot more wrong than they did. Nevertheless, when we were leaving the barn on Monday and heading for Chicago, it looked probable I would not meet my saddle time goal of 200 hours. But then Litefoot died, and we came back early. And so I had a few more days to ride.

And thus, today, on Laredo, I hit my goal. Woo.

It's possible I was slightly more excited about this than he was.

And one thing that has  been great this year is Laredo. He's turning into a really fun, solid horse. And the last couple of months since Brian and I decided to stop switching back and forth between Zoey and Laredo and focus on one each, he has gotten a whole lot more engaged and sweet. He even has more try. This is interesting for all sorts of reasons, but today it meant it felt like he actually seemed happy when I climbed onto his back.

Last winter he quickly got resentful of indoor riding. This year he's a lot happier to rattle off the things he knows. (Sidenote: Laredo is still experiencing some mouth discomfort, so he was a little distracted today. Our execution of things is a little flawed in all the videos below. But they'll give you the general idea...)

For instance, whirligig:

And backing a circle:

And loping circles:

And having the hairiest ears I have ever seen:

Even though he's still a total teenager, he's gotten pretty easy to be around. I'm looking forward to seeing what his five-year-old year is like.

Ride Time: 0:45
Horseback Hours YTD: 200:10

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