Thursday, December 12, 2013

Regarding the Changes Around Here

As much as I loved the photo of Steen's rump that was featured on this website for a good long while, it was time for a redesign. And this time it came with a larger project. I've redesigned my blog, Brian's blog, and built a little website to attach them together. The website is My new blog url is Brian's is

Why the website? In truth, I blame Zoey.

When Brian and I decided to get a 4th horse this spring, we did it because we like working with inexperienced horses. We find it very interesting and educational to work at reforming undesirable behavior. We learn a lot every time we get the opportunity work with an unfamiliar horse. Our plan was to keep Zoey for a few months, teach her as much as we could, then sell her.

It turned out there were a couple of problems with this plan. First, Zoey reminded us that horses don't follow a schedule. The way we train has no room for meeting deadlines. Her two minor injuries meant we couldn't work with her for a chunk of the summer, so selling her a few months after we got her would have amounted to consigning her to an uncertain future. We don't want to do that. Not at all. We have gotten attached to Zoey, and we want to find her a home that is right for her. We would want to do the same for any horse.

Thus, we discovered the 'buy a horse and sell it quickly' strategy is unlikely to be something that works for us as a viable plan of action.

However, since getting Zoey, we've had a few interesting experiences. One is I have a student now, and that student has learned a lot and has already been able to apply what she's learned to the horse she rides when she's not riding with me. She's reported a lot of positive changes. The second is we've had an opportunity to work with a couple horses that aren't ours to help with some behavior problems, and have been able to facilitate positive changes in a short time.

These two things combined to make us realize we could try a different approach to fulfilling this desire we have to work with more horses. Rather than keep buying more horses for ourselves, we could train other people's horses and/or give more people riding lessons.

So, the new website is to provide prospective students/clients information about what we do and how we do it. We'll see how it goes! And also, it's official. Zoey is for sale:

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