Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Aiden & Oliver

Today, I took the afternoon off work and headed to the barn. Once there, I climbed into a truck with our barn manager, and we drove north for a while. We pulled up at a farmhouse, and chatted with the man who came out to meet us. Soon thereafter, we loaded these two guys into the horse trailer.

And then we hauled them back to our barn, where we unloaded them and turned them out in the indoor arena. They were a tad wound up after their adventure, and romped a bit. I'd been watching them for a few minutes when Brian arrived, and we regarded our two new horses together.

Yep. They're ours. Aiden and Oliver are their names, and they come from a situation where their primary owner has moved on to other things. They haven't been worked with much for several years.

As things stand, their feet are long. Their manes and tails are matted with burs. They need to learn a few things about respecting a person's space. Oliver is a bit fat, Aiden is a bit thin.

But underneath all that, they seem really nice. Nice enough that Brian and I bought them both when we went up to look last weekend at them, intending to maybe buy one. We rode them both, and were impressed by how nicely they went under saddle in spite of having not been in work for so long.

So, we're going to spend some time with them and see what they know and how they polish up.

Horseback Hours YTD: 34:40


  1. Wow, TWO new horses! I'm kinda jealous. :)

    Hope you have fun with your new guys. I'll look forward to reading about them.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, we kind of can't believe it. This definitely wan't the plan. But we felt bad for the girl we got them from, who wasn't in a position to help them to good homes but clearly cared a lot about them. And we felt bad for her parents, who had two horses on their hands they couldn't do much with. So it sort of seemed like the right thing to do.

      It's quite exciting, of course. We wouldn't have gone out and intentionally picked up two new horses right now. But since it's happened, we intend to make the most of it. :)

    2. That's pretty cool. One of these days I hope to be in a position to help out more people and their critters.

    3. Yeah, we feel lucky to have a boarding situation that leaves us flexible enough to do these things. It might not last forever, so we're trying to make the most o fit now. :)

  2. Holy wow! Congrats. Those lucky boys. :-)


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