Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 in Review

It's a bit hard to believe that 2014 has already come and gone. It was a really fabulous year with the horses. Looking back, I'm a tad astonished at how much we did. We worked with far more horses this year than any year previously. We found new homes for Zoey and Bear, got Aiden and Oliver, worked with King for two months, started Nevada, and got Oliver back in shape and re-homed. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I rode more this year than ever before:

Total saddle time in 2014
227 hours, 45 minutes

That means I have managed to increase my horse hours every year (since I started keeping track) by a good chunk:

I also got those hours spread across more horses than ever before. Steen is still my main ride, to be sure, but I got solid time on a number of other mounts as well:

In short, I'm pretty pleased with how the year has gone. I feel so lucky that elements in my life have aligned to allow me to spend as much time with horses as I do, and grateful to have been able to learn from so many lovely equines this year.

My hope for next year is to spend more time riding than I did this year. I probably can't stay on an upward trend forever, but maybe I can keep it up for one more year, anyway.

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