Sunday, January 18, 2015

Time On Nevada

Today I had a totally new experience. I rode a horse that has been trained solely by my husband. That is to say, today I rode Nevada for the first time.

And I have to say, I thought we got along quite well. Obviously it helps that Nevada knows me, even if I've never climbed on her back before. It also helps that I've participated in her training in a somewhat indirect capacity, watching Brian work with her and talking with him quite a bit about the particulars of her progression, and also doing hands on work with her from Steen's back.

Still, Brian hasn't actually put many hours on Nevada yet. Part of that has been wanting to keep things slow and light so she can finish growing. Part of it has just been circumstance. It has seemed every time he's gotten in a better groove with her, some life event has popped up to slow them down.

So I was a bit surprised staring out at how comfortable I felt up there. Sure, she's still super green. But she understood my legs and she was soft to the hackamore. We had no trouble tooling around the indoor arena. We walked some circles, backed, moved the hind, moved the front, trotted around a bit, and basically just got to know each other. I think she even enjoyed herself a little. And, of course, we had Brian and Laredo to keep us company.

In short, I had a really nice ride. And my experience on this little mare got me even more excited for the upcoming prospect of getting my own girl going in the near future.

Ride Time: 0:35
Horseback Hours YTD: 10:20

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