Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Indecisive Winter

We're well into December and it's currently 53° outside. It's been above 50° since I stepped outside in the dark this morning with Esti. We have had some nights that get below freezing, but that hasn't been happening consistently. It's also been rainy.

Which means we've basically had a perfect recipe for mud.

Oh, mud. So much mud. I have actually never seen mud like we've had this season. I went out into the pasture last week in my mud boots and came back with two inches of my fringe soaked and filthy. Every time things start to dry out a little, we get more rain.

I do not like mud. I'd honestly rather have a real winter with a good hard freeze and some snow. The mud kills my motivation to get out to the barn more than any other weather condition. Also, it's shotgun season, so we can't safely ride outside. All these factors combined means trips to the barn pretty much consist of a disgusting, difficult slog through the pasture, lots and lots and lots of grooming, and finally a ride in the indoor arena. Not the most inspiring of conditions.

On top of all that, Nevada cut her leg open somehow and Piper is inexplicably lame. Nevada needed quite a bit of regular doctoring for a while, but seems like she's out of the woods. Piper's issue seems like a shoulder strain - most likely due to the fact that she has been dwelling in a mud pit for weeks now. I don't think it's serious so we're just keeping an eye on it and hoping it will clear up on it's own. So, while everyone is mostly fine, it's been a bit of a slog this season.

Our one exciting bit of news is Brian got a new saddle. The saddle is our first custom order. It's made by Brian Costagno, just like Brian's old saddle, but it's a narrower tree and larger seat with just a little bit of fancy thrown in for good measure.

Yesterday it was so hot I needed to go take Steen's blanket off. I played hooky from work and went out for a ride. I borrowed Brian's saddle (just to test it out) and had a good little tool around the indoor arena.

In other news, our puppy isn't so puppy-like any more. But she's doing really well.

Horseback Hours YTD: 129:15


  1. Our winter has been much more wintery. We've had a few decent snowstorms and a couple times when the temperature dropped below freezing for several consecutive days. Kinda the opposite of usual, since it's usually pretty mild until December/January.

    I totally agree with you on mud. It's the worst. I spent so much time and energy trying to keep my pen as mud-free as possible, even during the summer. Ugh.

    Also, your puppy is pretty cute. But I think I have a bit of a bias towards mine. :)

    1. Yeah, there is nothing we can do to fight the mud in our situation. Literally nothing. At least they're on grass half the year. I prefer things to be frozen the other half, but so far that's not happening this season.

      And I suppose it's for the best not everyone can see Esti is the cutest puppy in the whole wide world. ;)


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